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  Thursday, 24, May

Topic: a sad goodbye
My grandmother passed away yesterday. It got me thinking, remembering, and somehow after another sleepless night, I ended up back here. I searched until I found the April 2006 entry where I wrote about my grandfather passing away on the 22nd.

I can't describe the grief or pain. I'm not sure if this is shock or just pure exhaustion.

[ mood | sad ]

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  Thursday, 24, February

Topic: Hobby Lobbying
Obviously, as stated, I am trying to get back into blog mode. It is always interesting that when you "try" to do/think/remember something or be creative the mind becomes the cold, dark dusty attic I swear it isn't. So, I am cheating and leaning on a meme to get me going today.

You may also blame it on the Italian pot-luck birthday lunch @ work. I am for real in a carbohydrate/sugar coma. I will take this particular chance to rub in the Tiramasu (sp?!) Cake. O.M.G.

Name 3 hobbies (a game, watching movies, knitting, etc) that you are currently engaged in. Are there any hobbies you wish to try? If so, what?

1. Couponing. Werd. The economy sucks, I am a forever trained SAHM (albeit working) who believes in cheap is great, free is better. I am a total coupon ninja @ Publix, Walgreens, Target and occasionally Winn-Dixie. It's a bad trip if all I save is 50% off my total. I'm a complete coupon geek. anicooldorkpepper

2. musicpepper Music. musicpepper I am unsure if I should classify this as a hobby or a way of life for me. I'm that person who can relate emotions through music, loves most genres (I get on kicks and rock that genre until I remember why I loved another so much), and can truly just appreciate a good song. Artist paint with colors, I paint with music. I'm not so much an artist of music (where did I place my talent in piano?). Rock, Christian, Pop, Emo, whatever, I love you.

3. My Phone. pinkphone1bycandied *hangs in head shame* I -really- hope Bobby never reads this and if he did I would swear I was hacked, but I LOVE my phone. I love that it is named a droid. I love that it has a camera. I love that it has Facebook. I love the apps, especially my Kindle app.

[ mood | satisfied ]

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  Wednesday, 23, February

Topic: groupon
I am so excited!! I just got an email from Since I have yet to buy any of their deals, they are enticing me with an EXTRA $10 off any deal I like between now and March 8th!


[ mood | shocked ]

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I have GOT to find a cure for keeping Aidan out of our bed. This is getting old, quickly, especially when his dog follows suit and crawls in bed, too.

Sleep, where are you?

[ mood | exhausted ]

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  Thursday, 17, February

Topic: Testing 2
LJ beetle looks to be the better app. ( ^ ____ ^ ) one small download for Jeanna one large step for her Droid. Which needs a name. There isn't anything cute sounding about Droid.fmdjgirl

Posted via LjBeetle

[ mood | curious ]

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Topic: testing
I found a couple of apps for my Droid to poat to eljay. just testing to see if/which one I like

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Good morning! Sheesh, it has been forever since I blogged on here. For some reason, once I logged in though, the urge to type and test came about. A sign perhaps? But of what? Curiosity? Boredom? Who knows. For whatever reason, I think I may try my LJ again.

I can say this, a part of me has missed the world of LJ. I made a lot of friends here, lost some, found some, and truly was able to learn about so many.

As for me, here's the update on life:

Working as a legal assistant, Aidan is now 6 (WHOA!), we've been trying to have another baby. We lost a baby in October and have the go ahead to try again. Bobby and I are still going strong!

And you, how have you been? Are you even here anymore or perhaps, you have moved on from livejournal as well. Either way, we all need a place for a voice and let's face it, Facebook is too much. Who knew we could have too much of a voice? Becuase really, did anyone need to know you are cooking eggs or doing laundry right now? Or what movie you are about to sit and watch?

[ mood | curious ]

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  Monday, 4, January

Topic: Check it out!
I Heart Publix

[ mood | cold ]

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Topic: $100 Publix Giftcard Giveaway!
Once again, there is a chance to win a FREE giftcard to Publix. This time, Iheartpublix is giving away a $100 Gift Card to Publix just for commenting! Take a chance to win today!!


[ mood | excited ]

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  Wednesday, 9, December

Topic: IHEARTPUBLIX giveaway!
For those of you who love Publix's grocery stores as much as I do, head over to iheartpublix to win a $50 Publix gift card!! This is AWESOME! And read her blog and you will see that $50 can last up to 2-3 grovery trips! :) Go enter, now!


[ mood | excited ]

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  Sunday, 27, September

I Heart Saving Money

Another great site to help you save money! She does coupon matchups for Target, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

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  Sunday, 20, September

The Bargain Buggy

Another GREAT giveaway from Shannon over at the Bargain Buggy for all of you locals! This time it is a gift card to Publix! Make sure you check out her blog, guys. She really has helped me save so much freaking money!!

[ mood | excited ]

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  Monday, 14, September

Topic: iheartpublix
First public post in a loooooooooooong time and this one is worth it!!

For those of you in the Mobile/Gulf Coast area, you may have heard about my shopping trips to Publix. I have saved over 500.00 and spent under 180.00 since August 30! It's been super easy with the website Iheartpublix.

Go on over now and join and check out how YOU could possibly win a 50.00 Publix Gift Card!

I Heart Publix

Come save money!

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  Saturday, 12, April

Topic: 10 LJ Friends List
Take a look at your LJ friend list, then list up to ten things you want to say to ten different LJ friends.
Do NOT state who these people are.
DO NOT confirm nor deny any “comment speculation"!!!!!!!!!

1) Somehow we have grown apart over the past year or two, but I still adore you as a friend. We've both had some big changes in our lives, so maybe that's caused it. I hate that because you are one of the few efriends I would love to meet and hang out with in real life!

2) We are so totally different, and sometimes I really just can't stand you, your thought process or your negativity. I don't know why I haven't deleted you yet.

3) I wish you realized and accepted your potential, beauty, worth and all you have to offer. I hate when you down yourself because you are better than that.

4) I wish you would just come hang out with us!!!!!

5) I get so jealous sometimes of you. Then, I read your posts and realize the hurt, heartbreak and other negativity you fight with so often and let go of that jealousy.

6) I wish you would grow up. You are irresponsible, unreliable, and too childish for your age. I hate it because you are so smart and could really go further in life.

7) I wish I had spent more time with you when you were here. Now it seems our friendship exists only through lj. I hate that because I had fun with you and you are the only person I've ever known who had the Vitamin C CD. Oh, and please love you. I do.

8) You are such a rock for your daughter. You have seen her through so much and fought so hard for her cause that it is truly inspiring. It really embodies the joy of Faith. Even though you don't have as much time to post anymore, I love hearing you are happy and she is doing so well.

9) I have watched your talents grow in graphics and design and feel like a mother hen so puffy and proud at times. I may not comment a lot, but know that I think it rocks.

10) I wish I could rock photoshop like you can. I wish I could be more like you. So pretty, happy, talented, helpful. I look at you and feel like I should learn more, try more, do more. May God always bless you.

Are you one of the people I'm referencing?? Which one do you think you are? Comments are screened!

[ mood | awake ]

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  Tuesday, 8, April

Topic: YAY!
So, I found a profile layout I liked. I changed the color to pink (of course) and added a graphic. Wanna see?
Jeanna's User Info.

I am thinking of getting back into making layouts, icons, banners, blinkies, etc. again. I've redone the layout for my profile here and redid the layout on my myspace, too. I'm not very good at the myspace coding and had to use whateverlife. I did the graphic of course.

[ mood | cheerful ]

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  Monday, 7, April

Topic: Ugh
I need to redo my user info. I hate it now. Does anyone know of any good user info lookups? I've checked out all the communities I am in and can't find any cute graphics/user lookups.

I should quit being lazy and just do it. I redid my myspace and love it. Now, I'm working on Kara's myspace. It's trickier, but doing a layout for anyone else is always tricky. It's hard making something that is in someone else's head. At least I like doing it! And since I am stuck in bed (mostly), I have the time. Woohoo!

oooh and look at my cute new Stitch blinkie! Isn't is gross and adorable?


by laurahonest @ wickpixgraphics

[ mood | bored ]

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  Sunday, 6, April

Topic: Das Boot
Remember I fell? Well, lookie here at the latest fashion my orthopedic gave me!

I asked for it in pink. She thought I was kidding. I guess I should have known she was a no nonsense doctor when I saw this adorable note on her wall:

Dear Mom,
Thank you for visiting my class. Thank you for bringing the saw. It was cool.
(insert random kids name here)

See, I was kinda in shock after the word saw, so the words from there on after were a bit of a blur...She swears it was a cast saw.

I asked Bobby for a bedazzler to pretty it up some. He gave me the same look the doctor gave me when I asked for the boot in pink. Some people. Anyway, if you want to catch on to this latest foot craze, you can click on the picture and get your own.

Aside from that, I have torn ligament(s). Once again, I was still whirling from the saw letter so anything she said sounded just like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Luckily, I have two major prescriptions for Vicodin. Unfortunately, they help as much as candy. Candy anyone???

[ mood | clumsy ]

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  Tuesday, 1, April

Topic: I fell
I fell today. No joke. I as heading outside to take Oreo (the new puppy out), was on the last step and did a long step/jump onto the ground. My right foot hit the ground pointing inward towards my left foot, popped and my body crumpled in agony. skullpepper

Thank God Aidan was here. I had him bring me the phone as I crawled up our steps and called Bobby at work. Photobucket We spent the day in the E.R. They say nothing is broken and want me to see an orthopedic to check everything else out. Meanwhile, I am in sheer pain. Constant Loritabs aren't doing much. I HATE CRUTCHES!!!!! I can't even believe this is happening. I hate the fact that I, who HATES to cry in front of people, have been doing so all day.

I need a shower. I need some pain relief. And I am pretty darn certain it is something worse than a sprain. I have had 4 Loritabs today and have felt throbbing, shooting constant pain all day. I can only imagine what trying to sleep tonight will be like. The thought brings more tears to my eyes. anicrypepper

Looks like I will be mainly camping out upstairs the next few days. Look for me all around the net in boredom and whining constantly.

On the upside, Hell's Kitchen began tonight. I haven't decided who I will root before, but wow at the mess tonight. I heartyoubyunknown Gordon Ramsey.


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[ mood | aggravated ]

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  Monday, 31, March

Topic: What a weekend!
Friday, my nieces and nephews (2 boys, 2 girls) came over to spend the night. The wild ones were restless and hungry. After a quick delivery of pizza (so not good for them, but hey, that's what cool aunts are for, right?), we walked down to the park by our library. They played on the swings, played duck duck goose, hide and seek and after I thought they were worn out, we headed back home. Of course, I realize on the way home they are NOT worn out and panicked. Out came the play doh, sidewalk chalk and MY favorite, the bubble maker. I LOVE anilovepepper the bubble maker. We have the Gazillion Bubble Machine and it is the best I have seen so far. It makes LOTS of bubbles all at once and is awesome. People driving by were just in awe and I can't tell you how many ooohs, aaaaahs and HOW CUTE! we heard. I love it.

Saturday, Bobby broke a hubby rule. He brought home a puppyexclamationpepper Darn thing is driving me crazy but adorable as can be. He's black and white and we named him Oreo. His feet remind me of milk with Oreo cookie crumbs in it or a Oreo Blast. The kids LOVE him. He's pretty darn lovable. Darn Bobby.

Sunday, we got the BBQ itch and broke out the grill, Photobucketcalled a few friends and started the blender. Do you like Pina Coladas? I do. I swear, Bobby makes the best ones, hands down. If you are ever in town, stop by and ask me for one. And a peek at the bubble maker. The best combo for a great weekend! Anyways, Bobby and Jerry manned the grill and many hours later, we gave up and put the chicken in the oven. It was delicious! I swear, I rarely like chicken leg quarters, but these guys did a wonderful job. Everyone was full and happy. The best part? We have leftovers! Wooohooo! I can not WAIT until lunchtime.

Have happy Monday!

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[ mood | happy ]

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  Tuesday, 25, March

Topic: Child’s Death Stalls Rape Case
Please read this. There is also video at the main source. I was alerted to this recently, and felt the need to share it with everyone. Feel free to repost or send it via emails to help this little girl's memory. Thank you!

Child’s Death Stalls Rape Case

With a big smile and a bright personality, it's hard to believe Rebecca McEvoy could live with such a dark secret.
"It hurt, it hurt me more than anything," said Nina Tucker, remembering the day her 11-year-old sister told her she was being sexually abused by their step-father, who was also a Chickasaw police officer.
"I have so much hatred toward him and that is horrible to say because you're not supposed to hate anybody," said Tucker.
Corporal Bob Ingle was arrested in 2006 and charged with three counts of sexually assaulting Rebecca. He was kicked-off the police force, but now Rebecca's family fears he may never face a judge.
"It's hard for us to sleep at night. We lay in bed and not only have the thought of her but to know what she had to suffer the last couple years of her life," said Theresa Jordan, one of the eleven year old's cousins.
Over and over, Tucker says Rebecca talked about the abuse-- to police and to counselors. The family was preparing for the case to go before a Grand Jury, but in a tragic twist of fate, Rebecca was killed in a car crash two months ago. Now Tucker and Jordan fear the case may not go forward.
"That hurts like crazy," said Tucker sobbing through the interview. "To add on top of all that you have this case that might not be heard because she's no longer here."
Tucker says the family has been told that without Rebecca's testimony a Grand Jury may never hear the case. A judge was scheduled to hear the evidence twice, but both times the hearing has been postponed.
Rebecca's cousin has created an online petition to ask the court to make sure the case is heard on April 2nd.

Thank you,

[ mood | shocked ]

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  Thursday, 20, March

Topic: I'm back from the ol' doc
He said it is sinus infection and bronchitis. Woohoo. He did give me a butt shot that is helping already. I also got some drops for my ears, tussin with codeine for the cough and some antibiotics. I'm getting loaded up!

The downside to getting well is I will no longer sound like Marlon Brando as The Godfather. The upside to this is no longer sound like Marlon Brando as The Godfather. Seriously, it was a bit fun being able to mumble "talk" all kind of things Bobby couldn't comprehend.

Now my boys are sneezing and coughing so I expect them to lay it on thick tonight and both come off as two year olds.

Rented and loved lately:

Dan in Real Life
Assassination of Jesse James
Gone Baby Gone
3:10 to Yuma

It was SoSo:
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Beowulf (it was gross beyond words)
Michael Clayton (could never get into it)

Can you tell we don't have cable or satellite? Plus we joined dvdxpress. It was 99 cents per movie or $12.99 for a month of unlimited. after a month of renting, we've decided to try the monthly option. We've loved it so far. It's also cool because I can check online throughout the day to see what's in and reserve on for that night. Photobucket

I'm off to nap now.

[ mood | exhausted ]

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  Tuesday, 18, March

I found this a few months ago and Aidan LOVES it. It is definitely different...

[ mood | amused ]

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Topic: Good Grief
Why is it that when I finally get the chance to host my first ever holiday dinner, I get sick??!! What in the world is that? Ugh. I fell fine, honestly. But My sinuses are draining and I have laryngitis. I have been downing the drugs and sucking on cough drops the past couple of days. I sound worse today, of course.

Aidan isn't feeling so hot either. He and I have been vegging out in bed. He keeps napping off and on and I keep wishing I would/could nap off and on. Every time my eyelids get a bit droopy, something jolts me back to life. I'm hungry but that requires walking downstairs and that sounds awful to me right now.

Bobby comes homes for lunch everyday. Thank God, we have leftovers for his lunch. I'm too droopy and tired to cook now. That's when you know I'm not up to par.

Our Easter dinner is potluck. Here's what on the list so far:

Ham (Mom and I)
Baby Green Limas (Melissa)
Green Bean Casserole (Kathy)
Corn and Yellow Rice Casserole (Kathy)
Cornbread (me again)
Baked Chicken Legs and Dressing (mom)
Deviled Eggs (me and mom again)

And of course a bunny cake, a chocolate cake, and some brownies.

[ mood | sick ]

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  Monday, 10, March

Topic: whew!
We've been in North Carolina for the past week. Update and a few pictures to come!!

[ mood | busy ]

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  Thursday, 21, February

Image Hosted by

[ mood | tired ]

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